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Ten Commandments of Agile

I've posted a few entries now about my unease with the fuzziness surrounding Agile and how I feel it needs some clarity so I thought I'd have a quick stab at it.

The following commandments would be my first stab at such a list which would apply to any person who is part of or interacts with an Agile team.

  1. Thou shalt not negotiate quality
  2. Thou shalt not prophesize without proof
  3. Thou shalt not falsify the facts
  4. Thou shalt not force thy wishes on others
  5. Thou shalt not discourage those around you
  6. Thou shalt not disparage the actions of others
  7. Thou shalt not work without committment
  8. Thou shalt not focus on more than a singular item
  9. Thou shalt not demonstrate incomplete work
  10. Thou shalt not act in isolation

Of course, this is just a bit of fun on my part, but I fail to see why there can't be a set of golden rules of Agile? This is also a very quick list, so who knows, I may revisit this at some time to refine it...

Also, please note, I'm not being remotely fuzzy about this...  I'm not saying

"I value not negotiating quality over allowing any old crap in the code..."