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Genuinely Excited – A New Chapter

Thrive - CoverI'm getting genuinely excited...  i.Line Design is now officially a publishing company, ready for the publication of my first book - Thrive.  And yes, you can still get it free until I hit the publish button on amazon...

I have been amazed yet again at the quality of the artwork by LordArt (Greg Clifton) and I was particularly pleased by the fantastic editing job performed by Bryony Sutherland.

Sending the manuscript off for professional editing was of course extremely daunting, but the feedback was extremely positive and what originally started as just a bit of personal fun has grown into something I am now quite proud of.  What I found the most surprising is just how challenging it can be to take lots of very specific, detailed examples and distil them down to something generic.  Add to this the challenge of then applying the jungle metaphor and my brain has been ready to explode on numerous occasions.

There were numerous chapters I wrote, or started writing that never made the final cut.  I could have easily doubled the size of the book, but the cost would be spoon feeding the audience and there was also a huge risk of repetition.  By shedding these additional chapters, the reader is therefore free to explore their own metaphors and recreate the missing chapters from their own circumstances.


I would of course urge everyone to buy my book, but since it still isn't published I'll continue to give it away free on leanpub until it is officially available on amazon.  Leanpub won't allow me to use the full page illustrations that Greg is creating for the published/printed version of the book, which is a real shame as I have so enjoyed using leanpub and would love the version on leanpub to be as high quality as the printed version.

When I left an international bank that I shall not name, I had no idea I would spend quite so much time on my book, or indeed delve quite so deeply in to the world of publishing.  I'm currently getting daily updates from Greg of the final artwork for the book and during the day I am preparing the launch of a new company.  I'm not sure I would ever have planned it this way, in fact I'm sure I would have probably thought it is all too costly, too difficult, too unknown.  But, step, by little step, it has all been coming together and my planned release date of 1st June will slip, but it will slip because quality is non-negotiable and the current velocity is telling me it'll slip 😉