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I bought my wife a sony ereader for her birthday in November and despite the fact she wasn't too happy it wasn't shiny or smelly she has since not put it down...

Her friend has a kindle and the other night my wife asked whether I would be able to transfer one of the books she just finished reading from her reader on to her friends kindle.  I wasn't entirely sure I could, since my first thought was drm is probably going to prevent this.  My second thought was why???  In the non digital world, once my wife has finished a book there would be nothing preventing her giving it to her friend but in the digital world this isn't easy, but why...  Surely it should be possible for her to transfer her rights to someone else... Of course, someone will probably point out that this is already possible, but it was my next thought that really got me.

I wouldn't say we were minimalist, however we do tend to have a 'clean out' regularly which usually involves a trip to a local charity.  We religiously donate the books we have read, the toys we have replaced and various other things.  But now that my wife is using a reader there are no books to donate 🙁

My solution, It doesn't exist yet, but I've bought the domain and intend to find like minded individuals to help me set this up to receive unwanted digital content and resell them with all profits going to charity.  If you'd like to help me on this journey I'll be extremely grateful 😉

Of course, this won't just include ebooks, the solution is also begging to include any digital content - movies, mp3, software, apps...  And just to be entirely clear, I'm not interested in £1 of each purchase goes to charity type deals, it all goes to charity...

So can you help?

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