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Why you should never employ a techie to solve your problems!!!

I've just read a fantastic debate on the usability of Git (or rather the lack of) and it reminds me that most technical folks I encounter are too clever for their own good and will constantly introduce complexity for the sake of it (or to keep their souls clear from the devil - users).

The problem with this is that these wannabe rocket-scientists are fundamentally too stupid to appreciate that real people may not care about the elegant layers of abstraction or powerful combinations of wacky commands that can yield amazing powers.  What they want is a simple solution to the problem they have expressed.  The technical folks I admire are the technical folks who can create a simple, usable solution in a format that is acceptable and digestible by the end user.

As Einstein quoted "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.", which indicates the technical community appears to be filled with lots of intelligent fools...

And just to illustrate this further, I would include Spring in the mix here as an (actually it's a collection of) overly complex solution(s) to a fundamentally simple problem space, which given the size of the user community indicates their are a lot of intelligent sheep...

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  1. Oh wow, someone else who debases Spring! There *is* another!

    Shame, but I think we two are alone on this planet!

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