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Information Overload

The internet has now pervaded my life to such an extent I'm going to soon be looking to get a direct connection to my brain.  But before I do, I'm in desperate need for a way to organise the constant, chaotic stream of information that is radiating from it...

Here's my list of basic requirements.

I want to be able to

  • view all messages in a single application, regardless of source (rss, google reader, twitter, etc).
  • post messages to any of the applications I use (twitter, blog, facebook, etc)
    • Should also be able to post to multiple applications at once
  • search and filter the content
    • filtered messages, should still be available for future search/display
  • use multiple platforms (phone, web, laptop, desktop) with them all kept in sync
  • specify multiple ways of notifying me if anything relevant appears
    • particularly important for mobile platforms
  • switch between different modes (professional, private, meeting)



  • create YABA (yet another b****y account) to use yet another free online tool
  • wait for hours while it downloads everything before I can view a single message

If anyone knows of such a tool, I'll be extremely happy to hear about it...

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